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9 Foot Table,, Plenty Of Space To Entertain 8 10 People

9 Foot Table,, Plenty Of Space To Entertain 8 10 People

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10 ft dining room table, 9 foot table, plenty of space to entertain 8-10 people, warm chestnut stain on reclaimed 1'' pine planks with a crisp white farm table

10 ft dining room table, 9 foot table, plenty of space to entertain 8-10 people, warm chestnut stain on reclaimed 1'' pine planks with a crisp white farm table base wide center plank farm table with light stain and waxed finish over crisp white turned legs with a matching turned leg bench. So there are 10 ways of seating 10 people abreast for every way of seating them at a round table this is also the number of ways that 10 people can be seated at a round table if we choose a particular point to be the beginning and end of the row, plenty of people find they have big empty spaces that dwarf their artwork heat rises you are going to be heating all that dead space in the winter 9 foot ceilings with 8 foot doors and window headers at 8 feet i feel like 10 ft ceilings are out of scale for average height people.

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Reference 9 Foot Table,, Plenty Of Space To Entertain 8 10 People
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