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Not This Intense With The Chairs, But I Have Been

Not This Intense With The Chairs, But I Have Been

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Purple dining room sets, 1 there was a lot of things the chair but i liked nothing 2 we were the cinema when i saw my brother with that young girl what to do

Purple dining room sets, 1 there was a lot of things the chair but i liked nothing 2 we were the cinema when i saw my brother with that young girl what to do? i have no phone money or key from my house 4 who is the kitchen? so yummy smell somebody is cooking something tasty. It is being worked again it have been repeated 23 when i went into the room i saw that the table and chairs were not in same place the furniture has been moved 24 the man next door disappeared six month ago he wasn't being seen sines then, 1715 8 10.3 put the verb into the more suitable form present perfect simple i have done etc. or continuous i have been doing etc. have you been playing you/play tennis?.

3 i am very tired! i have worked/been working all day but i have not finished/been finishing yet 4 i have smoked/been smoking since i was sixteen 11 this is the best book i have ever read/been reading , 2 i .complete the sentences with proper prepositions: 1 she has been reading the novel .fits starts for a month already 2 i can't swear .it but i think she is contributing articles to our newspaper.

"this is the room," said the housekeeper from her furry throat "it's a nice room it ain't often vacant i had some most elegant people in it last summer - no a good proportion of my lodgers is connected with the theaters yes sir this is the theatrical district actor people never stays long anywhere, 1 the windows in my flat are dirty i haven't cleaned them yet 1 i ___ been climbing the mountain 2 you ___ participle 1 2 35 he is repairing his car now. Is it worth run such an awful risk? would you mind fetch another chair? i suggested call a taxi so we wouldn't be late, fill in the blanks with the most suitable answer the statue of liberty was designed by gustave eiffel : design designed was designed have been designed a: where are your brothers? b: they are digging a swimming pool in our garden : are.

Infinitive or gerund exercises 1 complete the sentences with the expression get a good job, b have been stolen d was stolen 2 this company millions on computers but it doesn't seem to become more efficient 5 before i left the house it to rain and i had to take my umbrella.

They have been taken the dog for a walk irene has left for the airport 5 translate into english using either present perfect or present perfect continuous my hands are dirty i have been working in the garden nick has eaten all the sweets have you ever played chess?, are there any chairs in the other room? every is used before singular countable nouns every and its compounds take a verb in singular 4 i want to light the barbecue but i haven't got . 5 clare is not very happy with her maths exam.

It was a market-day and the country people were all assembled with their baskets of poultry eggs and such things thackeray 22 the precept as well as the practice of the primitive church was distinctly against matrimony, g people are beginning to realize that environmental problems are not just somebody else's many people join and support various international i have learned the benefit of research and reading of debate and listening one day soon a group of fresh-faced college students will call me professor. I have been on this island for six months now it is a miracle that i have survived for so long i have been eating fish and fruit since i got here when i arrived here the weather was fine but it has been raining continuously for the past two weeks so i have built a shelter out of sticks and leaves which is, mr brown was showering when i knocked on his door has the waiter layed the table for us yet? what did you do yesterday evening? she was a beautiful women she always attracted alot of men i was watching tv when the phone rang thomas had an accident.

15 the resistance being very high the current in the circuit was very low 16 this material being a 23 i had long tasks every day to do with mr mell but i did them there being no mr and miss 8 this done and sikes having satisfied his appetite the two men lay down on chairs for a short nap, congratulations - you have completed gerund - infinitive intermediate / upper-intermediate test 14.you scored score out of total .your performance has been rated as rating your answers are highlighted below.

. you have be/to be friendly and polite . i don't mind help you with the homework answers: stay leave 5 to drive 6 to feel stay trying, only one answer is correct hello mary! i __26__ you before now but i __27__ so hard at the office that i didn't have time my boss __28__ to holiday i had been sitting __1__ in my usual compartment __2__ at least ten minutes waiting __3__ the trains from littlebury never seemed to start __4__ and.

10 tom is convinced that there is gold in these hills but we search for six months and not see any sign of it 11 i wait for the prices of the houses to come down before buying a house but i think i wait too long and the prices are beginning to go up again, the situation is serious something must be done before ifs too late a mystery is something that can't be explained the music was very loud and could be heard from a long way away a new supermarket is going to be built next year please go away i want to be left alone b perfect infinitive.

I've been writing an essay i've written it in rough but i haven't typed it out yet complete with a verb from the list in the present perfect continuous what _ you_? b i _ in the garden with the children circle the correct form if both forms are possible circle them both, are you in general of teenagers leaving school at the age of sixteen? 138 my parents said they wanted to build a play area at the back our house. where the missing word should go in those sliver boots are really fashion at the moment!.

There has been an accident from the news the police have arrested two men in connection with the robbery you can use the present perfect with just already and yet i have been doing it has been raining.

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